Essay 4k

I began my essay about a week ago, the aim of the essay is to choose your favorite piece of digital media (this must be interactive for example a web site, game, software, app, installation, etc) and using the following three methods reflect on what is it that you think makes it a successful and affecting piece of work/product.

1) an analysis of reviews in the popular magazines web sites etc (what others say about you chosen work, secondary research), this should be focused academic reflection

2) the think aloud protocol: use this strategy to reflect on the work, (your work described as it is played/used, primary research) note: it should not be you doing the thinking aloud

3) an interview with a user: use a semi structured (ie. use the previous to approaches to prepare pertinent questions) approach interview someone who uses your wok/product about their experience (a users reflection on the experience, primary research).

I decided to talk about FIFA 15 because it is one my favorite games if not my favorite.

Starting the essay proved  to be a bit of a nuisance because i had a dilemma on how i wanted to start the essay but after a while i got the hang of it and a good flow in writing.

i have structured my essay into 5 Sections for now, this can change.

Here’s how iv structured it:

  • Introduction
  • analysis and reviews
  • using the think aloud protocol
  • a discussed interview
  • Conclusion

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