Development and Realisation : RESEARCH

Looking at other people posters online really inspired me, other people works and ideas gave me an idea on what i wanted to create, i knew that it had to include maps, speed and countries. So i decided to make a poster that explained the rules and regulation of speed limits across the globe. By doing this i will visually layout a map of the world and colour code it by its regions/continents.

For this poster i will require some data, i will require the following:

  • Map
  • Speed Limits
  • Colour coded regions
  • Table showing what each colour represents on the map

I thought about making the map even more specific by naming the speed limits of actual countries, but collecting data about the speed limit of some countries proved to be false so i based it on regions/continents.

Here is a basic image of what i am looking to achieve but in a more sophisticated view and more fun to look at. (Fun for audience to view)

speed limit poster (Example)

download 44


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