This was the joiner image that i made

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 00.35.42

David Hockney example –


David Hockney's Joiner

My Joiner image consists of what seems to be random sized images put together but it isn’t, each image has been specifically put together to make what i have produced.

My joiner image is a picture of my toilet window and sink put together to make a sequence, it isn’t as consistent as David Hockney’s nor as neat but it was what i was aiming for, i want the audience to use their imagination to kind of figure out what the image was.

I didn’t go into as much detail as David Hockney but i am proud of the Joiner image that i made, i found it fairly easy using adobe illustrator to put the pieces together considering it was my first time ever doing anything like this.


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