Development and Realisation : Research


  1. Topic : Where have i been and where ?
  2. Throughout the module  i am going to be reflecting on my understanding of communication/information, design and then as a means towards researching and planning your work as a response to the Communication Design A2 Poster brief.
  3. Produce a blog showing what i am aiming to achieve.
  4. Illustrate Progress.
  5. Incorporate examples.
  6. Relevant Information.
  7. Brainstorming (Flowchart).
  8. Working with ideas.
  9. Rejecting Ideas.
  10. Typography.
  11. References, URLS, Book authors and magazine.
  12. Relevant data.
  13. Evaluating different ranges of design techniques.
  14. Use timeline if possible.
  15. Try to use data to create diagram.
  16. Use the data to create diagram.
  17. Time, Places.
  18. Time of the year e.g season or month.
  19. Purpose (Holiday or Family) (Local Mapping).
  20. Check Folksnomy.

Part 2 of this unit requires us to choose one of the subjects listed and visually communicate its idea and a set of data about it as an A2 poster.


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