Progress on poster

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of researches about the poster that i am going to produce. I have been looking at folksonomy for some examples that could help me but unfortunately i was unable to find anything that was related to my specific subject of choice. On the other hand i was able to find ideas online.

Here’s an image that illustrates the travels of charles dickens, This image helped me ultimately to predict how the outcome of my poster would look.

charles dickens



Development and Realisation – Sketch Idea

Here’s a sketch of the first idea that i had for my development and realisation project.


I took the advice of my teacher (SP) he asked me to draw up a sketchy idea of what i wanted my work to look like.

What i have done here is sketched out a map of the world with a pen, after this i traced my progress of my journeys from Africa to South America then from there to Europe and so forth.

Here’s a rough idea of what i want my final design poster to look like.

Development and Realisation : Research


  1. Topic : Where have i been and where ?
  2. Throughout the module  i am going to be reflecting on my understanding of communication/information, design and then as a means towards researching and planning your work as a response to the Communication Design A2 Poster brief.
  3. Produce a blog showing what i am aiming to achieve.
  4. Illustrate Progress.
  5. Incorporate examples.
  6. Relevant Information.
  7. Brainstorming (Flowchart).
  8. Working with ideas.
  9. Rejecting Ideas.
  10. Typography.
  11. References, URLS, Book authors and magazine.
  12. Relevant data.
  13. Evaluating different ranges of design techniques.
  14. Use timeline if possible.
  15. Try to use data to create diagram.
  16. Use the data to create diagram.
  17. Time, Places.
  18. Time of the year e.g season or month.
  19. Purpose (Holiday or Family) (Local Mapping).
  20. Check Folksnomy.

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After i finished designing my A2 poster i was quite delighted with the turn out because i had spent a lot of time on it re adjusting and adjusting, i had a lot of doubt whilst i was making the poster, things like what colour should my background be? Should i add more features to the poster?(Data) Should i change the font? But After looking over and over at it i was finally content with what i had produced.

The plan i originally had for my poster was quite complicated for people seeing a poster like that for the first time so i simplified it by putting less and making it one dimensional so people can look at and understand it without explanation.

On my speed limit poster i had wanted to name the countries around the world and colour coded their speed according to their various regions but this seemed like an impossible task because the some of the data i came across seemed to be mostly biased and made up so i decided to code colour the continents instead.

on the poster i have speed limits and the map itself, the poster itself is pretty self explanatory to its target audience.


Progress on Adobe Illustrator

Progress on Adobe Illustrator

Finished Poster>>



Whilst making my poster i thought about what type of typography that i would of like to include in my poster, the reason for me thinking this was because different font’s sent different messages. The font and text is very important because they send a message of informality and formality. I decided to go for the bold TIMES NEW ROMAN because it is easy to read and it isn’t cursive which makes it formal and suitable for my speed limit poster.

Example of some typography i.e


I went for bold and size 20 to make it easy for the audience to see.