Here is a display of my final designed poster.


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 05.49.02


In my final design i have added a timeline at the bottom to show the period that i embarked on those journeys, i tried to avoid using the timeline but it was the only way i could reference my journeys to a timed period.

Also i added pictures beneath my travel routes to illustrate what methods of transportations were used to make these journeys.

Red & Green Arrows

I used a set of arrows to distinguish my journey’s travels, if you follow my travel map it follows a pattern where it’s a to and fro journey, the green arrow represents the countries where the travel was begun from and its destination whereas the red arrow does likewise but does the complete opposite with the return journey.

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Here’s a display of my travel map, this clear map illustrates the countries coloured are places that i have been to around the world.

countries included like:



United kingdom (England)




South Africa


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The Change

Whilst i was working on my old piece of work i realised that i wasn’t quite meeting the specifications required so i decided to quit that one and remake a whole brand new travel map.

This new poster/travel map illustrates quite a few changes, I have made a global map colour coded the places that i have been and i have left the places that i hadn’t been in a blank white as seen below, i decided to go for this method because i was advised by my lecturer liam brittles that it would make quite a startling contrast which it it did.

In the new poster i used a map that was made by myself whereas the other was one I sourced from the internet.

I am really glad i changed to redo this because this allowed me to distinct places where i had been to where i had not been.

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Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 05.14.22


Main Objective

The main point of this project is to visually communicate an idea. The audience must understand the data/idea from the poster alone, it shouldn’t need any supporting materials such as verbal or text explanations.

Gathering Information

When it came to gathering information for my poster it was very easy because i already had the knowledge of the places i had been. The aim of my A2 poster was to show where i had been and where.

Whilst making my poster i had a few difficulties with the arrangement, after a few try and errors i found a way that i was really impressed with.

This image demonstrates what i am talking about:

Screenshot 2


For Travels that i made via airplane’s i used little planes.planeee

For Travels that i made through cars i used little blue cars to describe them as such.carr

The bold green lines meant my return journeys, whilst the black dotted lines stated my outward  journeys.lines

I had other ideas but these where the ones that i thought were most suitable to my poster.



Creation Process

I chose to use adobe illustrator to create my poster as i have used this software so many times in the past. I have a lot of  experience with this software.I will be using the cs4 software because it is the version that i have on my laptop and also because it is the one i am very familiar with. This might be a problem for me because the other illustrator software’s at uni are more recent so there might be some compatibility issue. I started the creation of the poster by adding a map of the world and aligning my journeys destinations from A TO B.

This image shows a snippet of my work

Screenshot 123

Progress on poster

Over the last few weeks, I have been doing a lot of researches about the poster that i am going to produce. I have been looking at folksonomy for some examples that could help me but unfortunately i was unable to find anything that was related to my specific subject of choice. On the other hand i was able to find ideas online.

Here’s an image that illustrates the travels of charles dickens, This image helped me ultimately to predict how the outcome of my poster would look.

charles dickens


Development and Realisation – Sketch Idea

Here’s a sketch of the first idea that i had for my development and realisation project.


I took the advice of my teacher (SP) he asked me to draw up a sketchy idea of what i wanted my work to look like.

What i have done here is sketched out a map of the world with a pen, after this i traced my progress of my journeys from Africa to South America then from there to Europe and so forth.

Here’s a rough idea of what i want my final design poster to look like.